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Well! What an Optimara Surprise

8 years ago

I picked up some Optimaras at Lowe's yesterday. I usually try to id them, although it's normally tentative at this point, sometimes it's more like "blue, white edge" until it grows and blooms for me and then I can evaluate it better. At best they have ? after the name.

Anyway I really thought this one was Seurat. It was kind of a pink color with a white eye and the leaves were light and shaped right (I guess it's not ruffled). Imagine my shock when I took out the Lowe's stake, pulled it out of it's pot, and found a stake that says "Dali." Maybe it will get more purple in time, although if it's what I had before, it was always pink. I guess it is a star. I've never gotten a row stake.


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