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Cercidiphyllum japonicum vs. C. magnificum

15 years ago

My multi-stemmed Katsura tree (C. japonicum) leafed-out normally this spring, but then started to die off one stem at a time. It was only a few years old and about 7' tall, so not a great loss. A couple of the larger stems suffered frost cracks, but I doubt this was enough to cause such failure. The way it deteriorated one stem at a time (but in fairly rapid succession) reminded me of verticillium, but Katsura isn't supposed to be susceptible to this. It was planted in good loamy, moisture retentive soil (the best I've got), so I don't think lack of moisture was the issue either, especially considering the wet spring we had. I dug it out and the roots looked to be OK, although I'm certainly no expert on doing such an analysis. I still have my heart set on growing one of these and I'm not quite willing to give up on it yet. Any thoughts as to C. magnificum possibly being better suited to z4 than japonicum? From what I've read, it's considerably smaller than its cousin, but with bigger leaves. It also supposedly grows at higher elevations, so I'm thinking maybe it could handle harsher conditions. Most of the information available refers to a pendulus form ('Morioka Weeping'). Anyone have it?


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