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Growing AV's Under AeroGrow Lights ?? Anyone?

13 years ago

Does anyone know how to grow AV's under the AeroGrow lights? I have 3 of the big Aerogrow gardens, and I am tired of growing gardens. I now have so many violets, I need more room for them, and more sources of light. So..I could use those lights to grow the violets. They grow and bloom VERY when placed NEAR a growing garden, I have done that. BUT,my question is..the lights say they put out 1560 Lumens each,(26 Watts each),there are 2 lightbulbs in each garden. At the lowest height setting, it puts the light about 5in away from the crown of a violet in a small pot, 2-4in.

I have had them burn at that height, they can be raised at about 1in increments,and I am trying to find out what height they need to be away from the crown of the violets to grow, and not burn. And of course bloom! I have had some minis, and some standards near an AeroGrow garden, while I was growing petunia gardens, so I know they love these lights, but they were next to the gardens, NOT under the lights directly. But now I want to grow my minis and semi minis and a few standards under them,no gardens growing, heck, they will even have running water under them to add humidity:).

But how high up do I put the 'lightpole' that holds the lightbulbs? To grow and make the violets bloom?, but not burn them? So far it has been light from the side of the garden, and they grew and bloomed violets that hadn't bloomed in years! But now I can put up to 8 minis or semi minis right on the growing platform, right under the lights.

But I dont know how strong 'Lumens' are. And how much is to much. How much is not enough? Anyone have any idea? The lights go up to about 8 in away from the crowns, I would say. And the length of time they can get light can be set from about 14hrs to 24 hrs!

How much will make them grow, and BLOOM..and how much is just to much? I dont have a huge collection of violes to try and fail,try and anyone have a good educated guess?

Aerogrow is of NO help, as usual. If you are not growing their seedkits, they dont want to help. So..,has anyone tried this and maybe have some input? They did grow and bloom when I had them NEXT to the garden, and it was growing petunias, so that is 15.5 hrs, and about 6in above the petunias, but THEY were absorbing a lot of the light.

I want to put violets right under the lights.

Should I go to the 'growing under lights' forum and ask them?? I kind of thought you all might have the answer. These compact fluorescent bulbs, put out 1560 Lumens (26 watts) each bulb, and it has a refleector behind the lights as well, know the AeroGrow Garden...what they look like. And with no plants growing in the grow holes, if I leave water in it, the pump will run water around the holes and make it nice and humid. Thats good for the violets...right?

Or should I run it dry? Any feedback would be really a help guys/gals.:)

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