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This is how I do my winter sowing

12 years ago

Just put together a bunch of photos of my winter sowing process.
{{gwi:354894}}From WinterSowing

1 gallon milk jug (Sam's Club sells these special shape jugs.. they are easier to use for winter-sowing)
{{gwi:354895}}From WinterSowing

Drill 8 or so holes
{{gwi:354896}}From WinterSowing

Like This
{{gwi:354897}}From WinterSowing

Using a blade cut about 4" from the bottom of the jug on 3 sides (leave the 4th side attached)
{{gwi:354898}}From WinterSowing

Add about 4 cups of potting mix into the cut milk jug, lightly pat down soil in the jug
{{gwi:354899}}From WinterSowing

The amount of soil should look like this
{{gwi:354900}}From WinterSowing

Plant seeds according to depth listed on seed packet
{{gwi:354901}}From WinterSowing

Add a light seed starter mix over seeds to achieve proper seed depth. Pat down the mix for good seed to soil contact
{{gwi:354902}}From WinterSowing

Spray the mix with water (about 50 spray blasts)
{{gwi:354903}}From WinterSowing

On the uncut side of the jug begin wrapping masking tape around the entire jug. Go all the way around a second time with the masking tape
{{gwi:354904}}From WinterSowing

Completed winter-sown containers (ready to place outside alongside south side of house)

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