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What do you classify this scent?

10 years ago

Hello, All!

I am a rose novice. I hope that someone could help me identify a particular scent.

This spring I started to grow: Brother Cadfael, Comte de Chambord, Heritage, Reine des Violettes, Excellenz von Schubert, Cornelia, and John Davis roses. I love all of their fragrances (except for Heritage which only has buds so far) and thought that I would buy more, the stronger scented the better.

That is, until I stopped by a rose display and was flabbergasted by the smell of the famed Tamora and Mary Rose, which have been praised so much on rose forums. They smelled like Paperwhites to me, and very uncomfortable. What do you classify this scent as?

On the other hand, I found that the scents of Ebb Tide and Golden Celebration at the display were phenomenally addicting. I would like to find roses with similar fragrances to those.

With the list below, can you help me identify which ones I may like or dislike, based on my preferences? Thank you in advance!


-Fragrant Masterpiece

-Magnificent Perfume


-Spirit of Freedom

-Harlow Carr

-Mortimer Sackler

-Sharifa Asma

-Queen of Sweden

-Sceptor'd Isle

-Pretty Jessica

Kind regards,


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