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UK Trip Planning - Hyde Hall?

12 years ago

Hi -

Janelle and I are busy working on plans for our UK trip. We leave June 11th. Her tolerance for me considering alternatives and trying to create the best of all possible trips is much higher than my DHs, and I very much appreciate her patience with my many, many tweaks to our plans!

We are going to the UK to see gardens, not limited to rose gardens or to the great estates.

We are staying with friends in Kent for a few days, and they have offered to take us to nearby gardens. They talked about Wisley, but Hyde Hall is about the same distance from their home. It's listed in a book about Great UK rose gardens, so I was wondering if anybody is familiar with it and has a recommendation. I think that we can work Wisley into our plans, too, so it's not a question of "either-or" - it's simply, is Hyde Hall worth visiting?

So far, our plans include -




Great Dixter

The Manor House at Upton Grey





Peter Beales

Mannington Hall

And a little bit of time in Cambridge/Ely.

Perhaps Chelsea Physic Garden in London, too.

We have the Yellow Book and are prepared to see some private gardens if we have time. We plan to meet up with Jon in Wessex. My goal is to see at least one garden a day - and to not get so exhausted that we come home sick!

So - any suggestions relating to Hyde Hall, or anything else in the southern half of the UK?


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