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Rose novice - what's eating my plant?

14 years ago

Hi all. We just bought a house with two rosebushes. In the backyard, there is a bush with yellow roses that is blooming profusely and looks perfectly healthy. In the front, there is the other bush. It has produced one lovely burgundy rose, and that's it so far - I don't see any other buds on the bush, and to add to that the leaves are full of holes. The ends of the branches look dead, but I don't know whether it's dead new growth or dead old growth. The leaves that aren't eaten look like they have some kind of eggs on them - little tiny clusters that cover the whole leaf. I do not see any bugs.

Possibly related, but maybe not, something is eating little round holes in the leaves of my petunias in the same bed.

So, can anybody help me 1. figure out what's eating my roses? and 2. figure out how to get rid of it and keep it from spreading to the backyard? I have asked my father, who used to have a small rose garden, but his opinion is that roses are too much trouble and I should just chop them down (!)

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