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Using trees for a privacy wall, second phase.

15 years ago

Hi all.

Back in spring 2005, I'd posted questions here about what trees to use to plant across my back fence, in an effort to create a sort living, breathing wall.

The two that were discussed most were Leyland Cypresses and Arbor Vitaes. But IIRC, while I got a sense these would solve my problem, I also got a sense that over time I might regret it b/c perhaps these trees are not very resistant to disease.

But at the moment I need a fast growing bunch of trees, so we ended up with Leylands (5) and Arbors (2).

So it's two years ahead now and they are doing well. We get a deep root fertilization once every other year. Fingers crossed, its all looking good.

My second phase is that I would like to put in a few more trees on the other side of the fence, for privacy.

We now want trees that are more hardy, and will grow in height and width, but TIME and SPEED is no longer a factor. I am just looking for nice evergreen trees that have great disease resistance, and will grow both large and wide. Looking for suggestions of evergreens/firs that would fit the bill best. Please, can you make any recommendations?

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