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Cercidiphyllum japonicum drought/watering requirements

9 years ago

For years I've admired these trees from afar, but never actually planted one myself. Conventional wisdom around here is that they are EXTREMELY sensitive to drought - can anyone tell me how true that actually is?

Is it to the point where even on the East Coast, one should be prepared to water it if we have a drought?

We rarely get severe and/or longer-term droughts here (maybe one a decade on average that will last a year or 2), but we get fairly frequent, short-term dry spells/mini-droughts that often reach D1 or D2 status on the US Drought Monitor - we get those every 2-3 years or so, but they often end after a few months, usually thanks to a nice tropical system or the remnants of one.

Can some Mid-Atlantic folks chime in on their Cercidiphyllum and how it has done over time? I do see them around but can't say I've paid enough attention during droughts to see how they look.

This year hasn't been an issue in the rainfall department (so far) by any means, but if I plant one I want to be prepared.

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