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Vintage Order ideas for SF bay area (peninsula)

9 years ago

My basic landscaping is ready and I am finally ready to place my order. After ogling Vintage roses for the past year, I want to order as much as I can from them before they close. As they are local to me ( I am south of SF), I feel somewhat nostalgic that they are closing. But I am feeling quite overwhlemed by the amount of choices. I though if I posted pictures of where I can plant roses, it would trigger some inspiring ideas from you all.

Ideas are appreciated for the following. I love roses with a perfume more than anything else. I have about half an acre plot with some sunny and some shady areas.

1) 2 climbers for an arbor over garden gate. Plan to grow with clematis. Thinking thornless may be better here. Some shade near the base from the brick wall. I am planning a small sitting area there to the left and was thinking something fragrant like zepherine drouhin and kathleen harrop with some white clematis would be pretty. I really want a classic rose fragrance here.

2) I have a garage with a brick wall that I want to grow a beautiful rambler on. Something that will scramble over the roof and look pretty with leaves year round and when it blooms once or more will bloom it's heart out. I like the looks of smaller cupped flowers and would love something pink here that will look nice with my red roof. Of course fragrant :)

3) There is this rather ugly old gnarly juniper tree and I am thinking that I can grow a rambler here to climb over the tree that will grom and cover it and camoflague it. Somethink like Paul's Himalayan Musk. I hoping to not spend the money cutting trees and instead buy from Vintage Roses.

4) This is our bedroom window and I will be growing some blue mophead hydrangeas under the window. I was thinking about a mannerly climbing rose and a medium size bush here one on each side. Do you think the eaves will be a problem? I have a lovely window seat on the other side and I would love be able to see and smell the rose

The window seat in the bedroom on the other side where I plan to spend a lot of time reading and enjoying the garden view.

I have room for another climber and clematis here but there may not be enough sun here. Also have room for some bushes

This planned as a perennial border and some roses will be nice. Also have room for another climber on the old trellis that is pretty strong. The little bird feeding station seems like it would like a pretty little rose

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