Simplicity Conquest vs Craftsman Garden Tractor #28848

13 years ago

I don't know what happened to my first message, but I'll try again. I've had a Sears Garden tractor #258870 for about 12 years. Has some small problems over the last 3 years, but fixable. With the electric clutch giving out this time, although the tractor still runs well, it's time to get into something new as I don't want to spend any significant dollars on it in case the end is near. I'm looking at the Simplicity Conquest and the Craftsman garden #28848. Although I really don't want a Craftsman again because I've heard and read so many negative comments and would love to have auto traction control and locking diff, I can't find enough difference to spend another $2,000+ just for those two things. Both tractors have the Koehler Courage engine and I believe a K-66 Tufftorq transaxle. While the Conquest is a heavier, more solid construction, the body on the old Craftsman isn't close to giving out. Can anyone explain why the conquest is worth so much more? Are todays Craftsman not built as well as the one I have?

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