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Can we make a bed out of this mess?

13 years ago

This is an area that has a nice bed, pictured at left. Next to the bed is an inherited lilac bush: we have been told it is ancient and it looks it. But we spent so much money removing tree limbs from our unexpected ice storm this winter, I am not sure it is in the budget to remove the lilac bush right now.

There needs to be a little room to walk by and then we have this area which is not prime real estate but a nice sunny spot. We stuck Mutabilis in there with a bunny fence until it grows a bit taller.

This area is covered by wild violets and they are nearly impossible to get rid of. But I have roses sitting in my pot ghetto (which I swore I would never have). I would love to get them planted somewhere.

How would you make this into a bed? Or would you?


Peony, rose, perennial bed on left


Awful lilac bush in decline on left, Japanese Quince on right


Mutabilis in cage on right


Wild Violet City

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