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Manure, shredded paper... now what?

15 years ago

In another forum I posted a thread about my new perennial/shrub bed. I decided to post an additional question here because I'm in awe with all of the great wisdom you guys share. I never really took the time to properly prepare a bed before and after reading about composting and lasagna beds I'm excited! DH and I scraped all the sod off the bed first. Then I scattered shredded paper on and he topped it off with a kinda freshish manure and straw mixture. I threw on some old coffee grounds and lettuce... but what's next. I've already come to the conclusion that I will have to wait til spring to plant it but what else should I add to insure great soil? It's very clayish now. Should I layer cardboard and mulch? I look forward to reading your suggestions.

Also, last night we set up a wire circle to start our composting adventure. DH threw the rest of the manure in there so far. He's really into this compost bin thing. I always say, "Well on GW they say that you should do this..." He just rolls his eyes.


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