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I've fallen & i can't winter sow !!

15 years ago

After telling my son to turn on the outside light i was wearing shoes i shouldn't be - yep - i (dumb a$$) slipped and broke my arm (humerus) !! A friend said well at least you will be healed for gardening time. Guess I haven't told her about our hobby.

So I had my son prepping jugs. One day he cut them the next burned the holes. Mind you there were only about 20.Wonder how long it will take to get a floor vacuumed lol.

Today my mother helped plant some.

This is my 2cd year and I had joined RR and Santa swap received some great sasbe, Wow I have some great new seeds to try. I'll keep plodding along.

Are there any per. that need long cold strat.? That I should really do soon? Or at least first.

Lefty formerly known as Annette

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