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Is there a Winter sowing conspiracy?

10 years ago

I am kind of a conspiracy buff, so it might just be me Haha. The reason I ask is I never new about ws until I started reading Gardenweb forums and really trying to learn more about plants then when to water my palm tree. Going from apartments to a house with a yard really changes ones thinking on landscaping and how to do it cost effectively.
I am labeled a nut by my family but my husband (thankfully) and grandmother are both on board with my new found passion and look forward to spring results, but it appears that main stream gardeners are still out of the loop. I wrote an email today to our local writer for the gardening section of our paper in response to her saying she is glad when winter comes because she won't have to think about gardening, turned off the radio when they were taking about something new (not even relevant to our zone anyway) and didn't want to learn anything new time of year and now was the time of year to rest and not worry about weeds. And blah, blah, blah. She must not know. So I told her how saddened I am she would spread such dread when there are so many of us itching to get outside right now and only dream of spring! I should have been more shaming but I would rather hope to encourage her then make her mad so she can learn something and maybe use her position to teach instead of soundly willfully ignorant. I was so disgusted by the article I plan to email a response directly to the paper so it gets publish and not just spammed. Anyway rant over...
So back to my question, is there some reason why I am only able to find information here or in Trudi's website and few other places? Where is the book? Why can't I find seeds in stores like so many others can? I dont live in a small town, we have 1/2 of Canada here every weekend! (Please keep coming so we can continue opening awesome restaurants!) I have yet to see a main stream well known gardener touch the subject on t.v. or the web. Am I looking in all the wrong places? Has the cold finally touched my brain? Haha Is this really that new of a practice that main stream gardening has yet to catch up?
I just want to go to Menards/Lowes/Tracker Supply and buy some seeds and talk to other gardeners about their awesome crop of seedlings last year without having to explain myself one. more. time.
Where is the winter sow love? When we live in a time when having a garden in your front yard is a badge of honor and upcycling is hip this should be plastered all over the place. Why not seed packs for stocking stuffers? Dirt I can use right away instead of letting it thaw out for a day because it was stored outside since fall? I know the world will catch on but I can't imagine why it hasn't yet, there is a real market for this. Maybe I'm just frustrated because I'm still new and excited and want to spread my joy. Happy sowing everyone! Spread the joy!!!

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