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Will it be too late to plant perennials from seeds in Summer?

12 years ago

I'm a newbie in gardening. I had planted perennials from seeds (Burpee) in this year early Spring. However, almost all of them didn't grow. =P

Now that it is mid summer, I am wondering whether I can plant them (from seeds) again now (or mid Aug to the latest). Will there be enough time for them to survive Fall/Winter and be able to come back next year? Or should I just try again in next Spring? I'm hoping to see the flowers next year without having to risk the disappointment of failure like this year.

List of plants I would like to plant from seed : Shasta Daisy (White Knight), Dianthus (Ipswich Pinks), Columbine, Candy Tuft, Lavender (Lady), Coreopsis (Early Sunrise), Chinese Lantern.

Thanks for your advice.

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