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13 years ago

Hi rose lovers,

I've posted a couple of specific questions here this spring,and wanted to thank you experienced rosarians for your help so far, as well as politely introduce myself. I'm in a strange boat, having been a fairly experienced rose gardener in Southern California and then moving several years ago to southeastern PA, where I recently bought a house. I'm re-learning roses all over again - what works in mid-atlantic gardens, new pests [hello, JB's :-( ] and diseases [greetings, blackspot], the whole shebang. I have great loamy, slightly acidic soil here so that is a plus, but I also have a smallish urban garden now as opposed to a big yard so my rose needs are very different.

I was lucky enough to inherit an incredible old Bonica which graces my side entryway. I've planted 2 Sally Holmes climbers in the little back yard (eastern exposure)and I have Memorial Day (my only HT), Angel Face, The Fairy, Sunny and Rainbow Knock Outs back there in containers for the first year so I can see who likes it here before planting a border. So far the Sallies, The Fairy, and the Knockouts are loving life in Philadelphia. Memorial Day and Angel Face, not so much - they are ok but not bursting with vigor.

The front yard has western exposure but is in dappled shade most of the day in late spring and summer due to the huge street sycamores. There are maybe 3 hours of direct sun in the late afternoon as the sun tops the trees. I've got a few miniatures in pots down there which I try to move around so they can catch the best rays - and they're doing well so far.

I would really love some suggestions from near neighbors (and far-flung experts) on the best-performing cultivars for this area, as well as roses which do well in containers. I love floribundas and polyanthas. I'd like to hear which Austins and old roses might do well here, too. I'm digging a long bed for next spring and think I'll have room for maybe a dozen more roses in the backyard, in addition to those I could keep long-term in containers.

Thanks to all for invaluable advice already - what a great forum. -Maeve

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