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4th Annual I.E. Pick-A-Peck of Peppers Swap

11 years ago

I posted this on the Round Robin forum, and the Hot Pepper forum, but I thought there might be some wintersowers interested too, so I thought I post over here as well.

Hope that's okay!


It's that time again!!! Welcome to the 4th Annual Incredible Edibles Pick-A-Peck of Peppers seed swap!

So here are the rules (every swap's gotta have them):

* No deadline on signing up, but ALL seeds must reach me no later than February 8th. I will do my very best to have them back out by February 15th. That's almost three weeks earlier than last year!

* Seed packets should be labeled as commercial, or harvested/hand collected.

* Seed packets should have minimum 12 - 15 seeds per packet.

* Limit of packets per variety = 3. If you send in more than 3 of a variety, the rest will be considered extras.
This will increase the variety in the swap. More variety sent in = more variety received back : ) If you have something very rare, or in high demand, contact me privately, and I may wave the 3 pack limit for that item.

*** This being my fourth year to host, I am still tweaking the rules a bit. Due to having way too many of certain varieties in the past, I've created a list of peppers that will NOT be accepted in this swap. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with them, but they are very common varieties, that are available at any Walmart or Lowe's, so therefore, not on anyone's wishlist. If you send these in, I will return them to you.

Cherry Peppers
Big Jim
Sweet Banana
Corno di Toro
Hungarian Wax
Hot Lemon/Lemon Drop
California Wonder, or any Unnamed Bell Peppers (very few people had Bells on their wishlists at all)
Seed Mixes of any kind

If you have a rare, named variety of one of the items on this list, email me, and I may make an exception.

*** NEWBIE RULE. Anyone just getting started is welcome to join the swap, just post that you are new to growing peppers and only have common seeds to share. Newbies will just send in the bubble mailer, with a return address label, and plenty of stamps and little seed baggies, along with a wishlist, but NO SEEDS. Between donations and my own stash, you should get a nice variety back.

* Limit of total packs = 40. I've lowered it from 50. In previous years I had a couple of folks send in 50 different varieties. Do you know how hard it was to come up with 50 varieties OTHER than the ones they sent in?

* Please put your GW name on the seed packet. This will ensure that you don't receive your own seeds back.

* Include a list of what you are sending in. This will also ensure that you don't receive the same thing you sent in.

* Please include a wishlist, or at least me know if you prefer Sweet/Mild, Hot, Superhot, or a Mix, so that I can send you things you will enjoy, even if I don't have items specifically from your wishlist. You may also indicate if you prefer OP/Heirloom types, or Hybrids. I can't guarantee what you will get back, since it is dependent on what others send in, but I will do my best.

* Commercial seeds should have an expiration date of '12 or '13. If hand collected, they should have been harvested in '11 or '12. Please put this information on the seed packet.

* Canadian GW members are welcome to join, as long as their seeds reach me by the deadline. Be aware that it can take up to two weeks, since the envelope has to make it through customs. Canadians are unable to post on the Round Robin forum, so you will need to email me to sign up.

* And last but not least, please include a return address label, and enough postage, for the return trip. If you are sending cash, please send in at least as much as it cost to get the envelope to me. Also, if you want me to send your package with a delivery confirmation, you need to send enough $ to cover it.

* I will email you privately with my mailing address once you have posted here to sign up for this swap. You must make sure that your GardenWeb profile has your email address listed, and it's visible to other members, so I can contact you.

I apologize if that sounds like a lot of rules, but this will keep the swap fair and fun for everyone.

Let me know if I've forgotten anything.

Your hostess,

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