Please help ID this insect pest on my tree

14 years ago

I don't actually know what type of tree this is- I only figure these things out when I need to, and I haven't needed to know this one yet. My husband says he thinks it is some sort of cherry tree.

Today while I was trimming the weeds in the yard, I noticed this (obviously pretty severe) infestation of tiny black bugs. I live surrounded on all sides by a tree nursery, and they sprayed the arbor vitae all around our yard perimeter last year for scale. The arbor vitae are about 5 feet from this tree.

I should also add that this poor tree just can't catch a break- it was nearly destroyed earlier this year by a delivery truck that sheared off half of it branches. The infestation is worst on the new growth area of the tree.

I had planned to have the tree removed before now, but I am still having problems with the delivery companies insurance company, so it has to stay a while longer. I don't want whatever these disgusting little things are on all the trees in my yard.

What are they and what, in your opinion, should I do? Thanks!!!!! (And sorry if this picture isn't all that clear- I sent hubby out to snap them because they are so gross, and this is as clear as he could get.)


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