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I have finished compost...but with bugs!

15 years ago

I have a plastic compost bin I bought and started using about 1 1/2 years ago. I knew it would never get really hot but have dutifully dumped kitchen compostables and shredded paper, some hay and leaves into it. I have never tried to get the C:N ratio even close to correct because I just dumped in whatever was needing dumping. I also made only a feeble effort to get the moisture right. Lately, I noticed that it was shrinking pretty rapidly so today opened the trap doors at the bottom to see what was happening...and finished compost came tumbling out! Black, earthy smelling! I dug out about a 5 gallon bucket of it before coming up on unfinished compost. Thing is, the compost was full of bugs. Most I couldn't recognize, there were a few "roly-poly" bugs and one earwig that I noticed. Will I be putting plant eating bugs around my garden if I spread this out? I will start pulling ears of corn from my early corn patch next week and would love to spread this compost over that area prepping it for turnip greens to follow the corn.

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