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Could this be the Damask rose 'Bella Donna'? (Photos)

15 years ago

Many years ago I aquired an unnamed "centifolia" in a plant trade. I've always hoped to identify it one day. After feasting my eyes on a fabulous photo of labrea's damask rose 'Bella Donna' I'm struck by the striking similarity - it's the spitting image, in the photos she posted. Is my unnamed "centifolia", in fact, the damask rose 'Bella Donna'? I'm hoping that this flower form is distinctive enough to make this relatively easy. :-)

The blooms are about 2.5" to 3" in diameter.


Occasionally the blooms will have darker sections.


Here's a photo showing the foliage and a cane:


The plant in about 6' tall, somewhat arching growth (it's an untrained quasi-climber against and through my chain link fence), very healthy without spraying and little care. The fragrance is outstanding.

Is this 'Bella Donna', or does my quest continue?

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