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What was your favorite perennials for June/July?

Thinking about next year's gardens and some disappointments this year that will have me making changes. Would love to hear what your garden experiences were this year. Particularly, in the months of June and July. I usually have a ton going on in April and May, but still haven't found what makes me happy in June and July.

So, I am looking for ideas of which perennials were long blooming, easy to take care of, disease and insect resistant for you. Whatever was very little trouble and made you smile every time you looked at it. Plants that really made an impact in your garden.

Right now, Hydrangeas seemed to have fit the bill in part shade. Ferns are my only happiness in shade. Roses, Shasta daisies were a big disappointment in full sun. Dianthus was very easy and neat and really nice when in bloom, but I was expecting longer bloom and rebloom after deadheading, which I didn't get, except with Siberian Blues, which does keep blooming for a long time with deadheading, but is not my favorite color. Peonies, were gorgeous and lasted all of 7-10 days.

There must be some plant ideas that I am missing. For full sun, part sun/shade and shade? Would love to hear about it.



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