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A little help with a couple of AV problems (with pics)

12 years ago

I'm hoping the lovely people here can help me figure out what is wrong with a few of the members of my little violet collection.

This first one is the first african violet I bought when we moved into our new place last year:


No matter where I place it, the leaves stay really upright - for comparison I've added a plant which normally sits right next to it:


They are sitting just below a west-facing window (not where the photo was taken) and get ambient light most of the day with a little brighter light in the evening.

This little plant also refuses to grow, though it has bloomed twice since (via the wonderful advice in this forum) I found out how to care better for it!

So, any ideas on why it sits so upright and why it might not be growing?

The second problem violet I have is driving me crazy as it's a lovely plant (to me, everyone's tastes are different =) ) but some of the leaves are a little weird:


A different leaf, but held up to the light so you can see how thin the discoloured pieces are:


The areas of discolouration are just thinner but not soggy, or wet at all. The plant itself is very vigorous and not at all weak or limp. In fact, it has not stopped blooming since its first flower-stalk in late December (it was a NOID leaf cutting planted ~May of last year).

This plant sits on an east facing window which can unfortunately get a bit cold as, well, it's Scotland. We have very little light at this time of year and this room does tend to be colder than the others. Are these marks a cold problem / light / water or something more serious?

As you can see, she's otherwise quite a pretty, happy wee thing:


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