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Weeping Cherry getting yellow leaves while still in pot??

16 years ago

I need some advice. I just bought a 'Snow Fountain' weeping cherry tree 1 week ago. After 4 or 5 days it started getting yellow leaves on 4 or 5 branches. It seems like the leaves are mostly towards the ends of the branches. The very top of the tree seems to look ok still.

I am now scared to plant this tree in case it has problems. The nursery I got it from warranties their trees until November, but I don't want to plant a tree just to go and dig it back out.

Does this look like a disease/pest problem or maybe a watering problem or even a nutrition problem?

I asked the guy at the nursery and he just said it could be overwatering and that I need to get it in the ground ASAP. But that didn't make sense to me, since trees at nurseries do just fine in pots for years. So any help from the experts here at gardenweb would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some pics I took to help out...


Thanks for any help!

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