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Do you get the newsletter? IGNORE it today!!!

16 years ago

found today in the newsletter:

Question of the Week

Starting Seeds

Question: Is it too early to start seeds?

Answer: Like many things about gardening, it really depends on where you live. In most areas, you'll want to start seeds about 6 weeks before the last expected frost date for your area. (Find your average last frost here.) If you start your seeds too early, your plants may be weak and spindly by the time it's safe to plant them outside

This information is USELESS to the winter-sower, so if you're reading that newsletter, pay no heed to that paragraph of information. Your winter-sown babies- contrary to what this paragraph may imply- will be completely the opposite: they will be strong and well-adapted by the time you're ready to plant them out.

On with the show!!!

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