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Baby looks nothing like mama plant?

11 years ago

Hey all

First of all, I am really new to AV's. I am an avid outdoor gardener and have been really successful with orchids and succulents, but this is really a new area for me.

Last fall, after finding success with a couple of rescue plants from the box store clearance rack, I decided to try my hand with some more intersting varieties. I bought a leaf collection and armed with the rooting instructions, went to town. I have been pretty successful with starting the babies (of the 60+ leaves I started I only lost 3) but I was really surprised that a couple of them don't look like the leaf they are growing from.... why are the leaves so withe with light varigation when the parent leaf is seemingly all green?

Wranglers Ragtime Cowboy



Thansk so much for any help or advice!


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