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I finally found a Salvia I like

Salvias and I have not been the best of friends the last few years. In fact, I finally composted a few of them last week after trying to find a place they liked and failing miserably. Most were too floppy, short bloom season, or just not that attractive overall.

I think I finally found a winner: Salvia Sensation Deep Pink


I bought this last year, so this is the first year it's bloomed. It's on the short side - about 10 inches, but some websites say anywhere from 10 - 16 inches, so maybe it will be larger next year. It's been in bloom for at least 2 weeks, has been through several wind and rain storms (60 mph winds) and still looks pretty good IMO. I'm not sure about repeat blooming. Some places say late spring to midsummer. Others say repeat blooming later on. The color is nice and deep too.

Does anyone else grow and like this one?


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