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Update to my front yard design dilemma w/photos

16 years ago

You all helped me select the tree for the left back corner of our front yard. Here is the front yard garden in full May glory with the apple servicberry x "autumn brilliance" in place. Note also the rhododendron "album" in the corner. I think the rhodie will eventually be moved, as I think we need something more substantial in that corner. I'm still thinking a dwarf chamaecyparis, but I'm not totally sure.


Also, here is a look at our next project:


(that's intentional grass kill--the groundcover garden will be extended all the way to the curb.)

As always, suggestions (esp. re that corner where the rhodie is) are welcome.

P.S. Them rootballs are HEAVY! Hubby and son had quite the time moving that behemoth around.

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