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A few Poop questions

14 years ago

My compost is ready to be used, but I won't be using it until the fall. So it is going to sit awhile.

I have 3 garden beds, presently containing flowers, bushes and trees. 2 of the beds were made by contractors, 1 was made by me BEFORE getting into this forum. I know the self made bed does not have any OM in it, but does have mulch on top. Can I add store bought manure to this bed? If so, should I lay it on top, then cover with the mulch? I am trying to go organic. Also started a lasagna garden, in which I will plant a fall crop of tomatoes at the end of the month.

Or should I add the bag of poop to my compost bin and then use that to add to the garden and cover with mulch? This bag of poop is free, so that is why I am using it.

I think I read that manure and compost should not be dug into the soil, but spread on top. With time, I should have nice soil, as opposed to the icky hard clay I have now.

Are those the basics? I have read a lot of old posts that I think I am getting myself confused. Anything you can add will be most helpful!!

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