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Gertrude Jekyll, Sophy's Rose, or...?

16 years ago

I'm in my first year of growing roses, and I'm already thinking about what to plant next year. This is fun!

So far, I've planted several yellow roses (Golden Celebration, Molineux) and apricot-colored (Abraham Darby). I also planted a Brother Cadfael and Jubilee Celebration (my favorite). I love them all. (Only my Mayflowers are giving me a bit of trouble.)

I'd like a brighter, "louder" pink in the mix. I like the look of Gertrude Jekyll a lot. Sophy's Rose seems to be even more hot pink.

I'm also open to other suggestions, including non-Austin roses. Does anyone grow both GJ and Sophy's rose? I'd like to hear feed-back about health, rate of bloom, etc.

Thanks for any help, Jeanie

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