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I'm jumping in...wish me luck!!

15 years ago

I am new to gardening in general. Have planted all types of plants, trees and shrubs this year, some with success, some not. I have planted 6 Knock-Outs, all with pretty good success.

Now, I am getting rose fever!! I just bought 5 rose bushes!! I bought Disneyland, Tahitian Sunset, Plum Frost, Wildfire and something that did not have a tag, but I liked the color/fragrance of the flower.

I have no idea where I am going to put them. All I know is they will be in a sunny spot. None of them are climbers, which I don't want (yet).

I am just starting to do research on roses, and really like them. I know, buy then research is not the way to do it, but they were on sale, so I figured I would go for it!

Now that you know I am new, any tips you could give would be appreciated!! Let's say, from the ground up...when you buy a rose bush, how and what do you do to plant it? For my knockouts, I used bone meal and rose food when planting. Should I continue this method?

I really want to be successful and I find gardening so relaxing. My goal is to be able to sit outside with a book and just be amazed at what I was able to accomplish!! Hubby hates any kind of gardening, so it's all me. Thanks in advance. I am heading outdoors to feed my bougainvillias.

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