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Mosquito control - new products to try

13 years ago

It is that time of year again where every state in the Eastern United States, the Gulf Coast and many others become invaded by tiny little blood sucking monsters, i.e. the common mosquito. Here in my part of Maryland we have the Asian Tiger Mosquito, a very aggressive non-native mosquito that is my bane of existence from June to September. Did I mention I'm allergic to mosquito bites? Yep, I get big feverish painful welts. Our area is also a persistent hotbed for West Nile Virus.

For years I've depended on my old standby of Deep Woods Off to control these dangerous insects. This stuff really works. No bites, even if you miss a spot. The only rub is the oily, nasty smelling residue it leaves on your skin, and lord help you if you get it in your eyes. When you combine the DWO with a sunscreen the combined effect makes you feel like a greased pig - not very comfortable when you are spending hours in the garden when it is hot and humid.

I lighten up on the "grease" by using a spray on sunscreen that delivers a fine, thin coat that by itself doesn't feel greasy (Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock SPF 70). Of course the DEET still delivers enough oil for that deep fat fry feeling.

Until now,

Folks the new OFF! Clip on Mosquito Repellent is AWESOME!!! So far I've used it three times AND NO BITES! The clip on has a tiny motor that delivers a super fine cloud of mist that you can't see, feel or smell. Well, I did notice a smell on my cloths one day but that was when I was out there from 9:30am to 8pm on a Sunday. Now to be completely honest I've still got the worst part of summer ahead of me but so far this project seems like a real innovation.

There is also a really good article on the new mosquito control products in today's WALL STREET JOURNAL on pages D1 & D2. Of particular interest to me is the new organic Bull Frog Mosquito Coast SPF 30 by Chattem Inc. It includes a sunscreen and repellent in one, that the author rated high because of the very light smell (she said it smelled like sunscreen), long lasting ability, and no bites during her self test. Interestingly, the product doesn't use Deet, but instead a synthetic version of a naturally occurring amino acid called IR3535. The people over at DuPont are also working on a catnip based repellent that shows promise to be just as effective as DEET, slated for release in one to two years.

Happy Rose Gardening,


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