The S_ _ g word: Might this new weapon really work???

12 years ago

My case to the jury:

Fact 1: We've been gardening here for 22 years.Each of those 22 years has seen the same onslaught: late June and the

s_ _ gs arrive to their 1/2 acre hosta banquet.

Fact 2: This year has been the wettest June/July on record in those 22 yrs. (and beyond).

Fact 3: No s_ _ gs.


Fact 4: In May/June '08 we tried a s_ _ g treatment that the brilliant Ken (of GW Conifer and Hosta fame)posted.It consists of making a solution of 10 to 1 Water to Ammonia and pouring this liberally on the crowns of the emerging (or in our case, halfway to being fully emerged)hostas.(The crowns harbor the overwintered hatching eggs.) We repeated this treatment about a month later.

Fact 5: We still experienced some hosta damage in '08.

Possible Conclusion: Maybe,somehow, we attacked the last egg hatch at the right time.

We will, of course, continue to monitor the hostas, and will report back if enemy reinforcements appear. But in the meantime, I am as thrilled as can be.

All hail King KEN

of MichiGEN!



The Cotton-Arbo retum

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