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What is a green Thumb?

9 years ago

I have had people say to me " but you have a green thumb". The last person who said it, I told her that it wasn't that I had a green thumb, it was because I am always searching information and reading about plants. I lugged home books from the library until we got the internet and now I go online. I didn't know anything first when I began gardening.
The first thing I planted was a row of mums along my driveway when I lived in an area where the climate that goes down to 50 deg C and I just dug an hole and put them in. They were all dead in the spring.
Now I know to amend the soil. Don't use a lot of fertilizer but do composting and use manure and sea weed in the compost. I also garden by the quote " first year it sleeps, second year it creeps and third year it leaps".
What is your take on Green Thumb.

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