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Does anyone else grow Mt. St. Helens Cemetery Tea?

Reading the article about rose rustling and the thread about favorite found roses prompted me to ask if anyone else is growing the found rose, Mt. St. Helens Cemetery Tea.

It was probably ten years ago that I purchased this rose and I don't remember where. Several years back when I was getting upwards of 150 roses and needed more room I gave it to a friend. Early this year she gave it back to me because gophers had attacked it and it was almost dead.

I'm curious to know if anyone else grows it because I could find nothing about it online and no nursery offers it. I suppose there are more exciting tea roses, but it has a few things to recommend it including very healthy foliage, quick repeat and a strong fragrance. The blossoms aren't particularly large, but it was down to a single half dead twig when I got it back and is still in a pot so they may become larger when the bush is better established.

I wonder too if Mt. St. Helen's Cemetery still exists and whether the rose found there still lives anywhere to be found again. Or perhaps it has again been 'found' and goes by another name.



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