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John Deere LX178

14 years ago

Gone and done it, dang it. Accepted a ole lawn tractor to rebuild/get running for free, yea, I know! The cowling/cover is broken to screads so I'm not concerned about looks yet. Have some mechanics in my years past with gas engines and can figure out a multi-meter.

Several wires are cut (headlights) and some are just not connected to anything. Without a starting point (label plate info) I'm not much use in the model section either.

I did dump the bad gas, cleaned the inline fuel filter and air cleaner. Checked the plug and borrowed a battery for the friend that brought this wayard beast home. It does crank OK and will run for a few seconds if I put a small amount of fuel straight into the carb.

I checked and ensured the fuel pump pulled gas up to and beyond the fuel filter so I think it might be getting gas.

The fuel tank was pretty cruddy and the filter looked clogged. Would my next logical step be to rebuild the carb or just remove it and clean it out good?

Really this should be a fun project for a locksmith...

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