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wanted: african violet box trade/new swap.. spring! 2014

10 years ago

Our other swap is doing ok- so I wanted to try another swap idea. This one might work out better for some. I've heard many don't like round robins. Usually because they hesitate to take leaves from a mixed variety of collections (fear of bugs/mites, diseases, or not wanting leaves that are in a box for any long amount of time.)
Doing a box trade- individual... Each person sends to ONLY ONE- person.
In exchange- you receive a box (from one person).

Let's see if there is any interest... TO- Our regular traders- please feel free to join this too! Hopefully, this provokes interest too for many new participants! We only need a few to make this work.

Box must be sent priority, with delivery confirmation (it's free anyway) you must add 20- to 25 varieties. Leaves, plantlets, plants- violet seeds, etc. Make the box FUN, something you would love to open- an early Christmas present, LOL! Varieties need to be named! One box- individual trade. What's in it- will be a total mystery until you open it! It will be filled with violets----- leaves, plantlets, plants- or a mix!
Make this box special! Share a ziplock bag of your favorite soil mix, or add some solo cups/wicking thread, permanent markers, small gardening bag for supplies, violet notecards. It's really endless what you can tuck in! Or just add a few extra varieties. Make this a swap box that won't be forgotten! :)
If this works out- we can do it again in the fall. This is a nice way to trade with one person, and not have violet material sitting in a box for any amount of time.


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