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Knockout Rose Insect Damage

11 years ago

Hello rose growers! I live on the decorating forum but had to stop in here for some help!

After four years of telling everyone I know how carefree the knockouts are, no bugs,no diseases, etc., suddenly this year something is destroying my roses. It seems like in one week's time my largest shrubs went from pristine to leaves that are full of holes.

I have eight knockouts and they are scattered around in various flower beds. They are all showing some damage, but it varies according to which bed they are in.

When I see holes in leaves I always think slugs. I treated for them last month and today I treated for them again. Then I sprayed all of the shrubs with an all purpose insecticide. When I was spraying I noticed all of the shrubs had insect webs in them.

Any advice from anyone? Is it definitely insects or could it be a disease? None of my other plants are showing any damage at all! Thanks for any help.

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