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Red Cascade, can somebody give me a clue?

12 years ago

I have two Red Cascades. This is their second year. Last year and this year they had huge first flushes. Last year after the first flush there was nothing except a few scattered flowers on the canes that previously bloomed and new canes bloomed like the first flush. Last year I tried nipping him back everywhere, but it didn't cause any rebloom. This year seems to be stacking up the same way.

The way it got huge last year and almost buried my mailbox, I held back on feeding him after the first flush last year. Could this have been the problem? Is he a heavy feeder? I use lots of composted horse manure, milorganite, alfalfa, Purely Organic throughout the whole bed so I'm sure he was getting fed even though I didn't throw any food directly under him. How does this rose behave for you? I would definitely like to see more blooming throughout the summer and fall.

Thanks, everyone.


Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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