The straight scoop on Micro-Herd?

14 years ago

My attempts at trying the "presto-chango" or "quickie" method of building soil have resulted in total and complete failure.

I bought "humus-n-manure" from several box-stores, thinking I was getting a variance in materials. Then, I added vermiculite, peat, and bags of the "Black Kow" manure.

Anyway, I would like to never add any chemicals to my gardens ever again. I cannot do hardly any bending to pull weeds. And it's become painfully obvious, it takes some time to build quality soil.

So, if I used a minuscule amount of Roundup on the foliage of the weeds, getting none on the soil. And, until my soil is of good quality, if I added very weak solution of 20-20-20 to actually get something to grow. EXACTLY what damage would I be doing as far as the "Micro herd" is concerned?

I'm certainly not new to gardening. But I am new to the technical details of the "no-chemical" or "organic" methods.

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