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What is your stupidest garden mistake??

14 years ago

Gardening is supposed to be a relaxing hobby, but lately I can't seem to escape the annoying tasks of:

-Digging out VERY OLD overgrown shrubs planted WAY TOO CLOSE to the house


-Removing landscape fabric (which btw doesn't even work!!!)

Anyways, while my brother was digging out some shrubs today, he accidentally cut the cable cord!! He was using an axe, which btw doesn't really even work that well, but he never listens to me. For a couple of hours, we couldn't use the phones, watch TV, or get on the internet, but luckily my parents fixed this problem when they got home. Now, they're leaving for Mexico tomorrow with an unfinished project and absolutely forbid us to do any work in the area until JULIE can come to our house and until they get back.

Now, in my opinion, my brother should have waited for JULIE to come in the first place, but kids just don't listen...

Truth be told, I think he's lucky he didn't hit an electric line, or even worse, the gas line. The first mentioned could have caused instant death and the second could have blown up our entire house!!

So, now you're heard my story. What's yours??

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