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Enjoying My Roses this year more than ever before.

14 years ago

This is at least the 5th year I have had roses. Each year I had to buy, plant and move around roses until I got things pretty much the way I wanted them. I enjoyed them from the first rose shrub that I purchased but this year I find that I am just enjoying them so much more than ever before.

I think part of it that I didn't to do so much work on them this year. Yes, the spring prunning and fertilizing but no pot getto that kept screaming plant me. And no 20 roses to move around like I did one year because it was obvious to me I had planted them in the wrong spots the year before.

This year many roses are hitting year three in the garden and look so good it amazes me. I guess maturity does count. They are just starting to bloom now and each day I have gone and taken lots of pictures which I am really enjoying. Plus I just go around the garden and look at them at least three times a day.

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