What do you do with hot compost after the heat has gone away?

7 years ago

Im newbie to composting but I have some knowledge on composting. I have a large compost pile about 2 cubic yard worth of grass and leaves piled in a 4x4x4 pile. I managed it and had it in temps above 140 for 3 weeks and it started to cool down for the next 2 weeks, it is now at 100 degrees 6 weeks after I started it. What do I do with the pile now since it wont heat up above 100 anymore? I've tried adding nitrogen to the pile and still nothing, I'm sure it is done with the thermophilic bacteria. Do I just leave it there for it to break down some more? Do I still need to aerate cold compost? Here's a picture of how the compost looks like, I still see the pieces of leaves but I want compost that is like soil not a mulch.

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