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Kubota BX2350 overheating after 10 minutes!!??

15 years ago

Can anyone advise me as to the amount of damage done to my diesel Kubota BX2350 by overheating until the coolant boils over?

I just bought this tractor new last week and used it for the first time a couple of days back. The first day of use was spent digging out, and carting rocks over to the rock pile with the front loader. We were out there about 3 or 4 hours with no problem.

The next day of use was more rock picking, and then some mowing with the 60" mowing deck, clearing tall grasses around my property. After 10 - 15 minutes of mowing I noticed that the temp gauge was on the line just below the red area. I stopped the tractor and called the dealer. I told him that the coolant level was full, all air filters had been cleaned well just before use, and the oil level was normal. Since I had not had any coolant leak, the dealer thought it was just a faulty gauge.

So, today I was out there again and in only 10 minutes I saw the temp gauge inching toward the red again. This time, I continued running it for just a couple more minutes, until the needle just entered the red area, maybe 1/5 the distance. I turned off the mower PTO, and was driving it into the shade to cool off when I noticed steam for the first time. I immediately stopped, shut off the engine and raised the hood. I could hear the coolant in the radiator boiling rapidly, and it was bubbling out of the overflow. This happened after only running it for 10 minutes from cold. Since today is July 4, the dealer is closed, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow, but now I am wondering (and worrying!) about just how much damage this might have caused my new tractor.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any advice.

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