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Seedlings and their potential outcomes

11 years ago

I'm going to be starting some adenium seeds soon. I know not to expect them to be "name worthy" unique cultivars or anything, but I enjoy the experience of growing from seed and I think it'll be fun to see if I do get anything interesting (i.e., not the normal pink) though I think I'll be ok with it if it does end up being pink. :)

I know that people have commented that most seedlings end up being plain pink. Do you think this is because the pink single flower is dominant genetically, or is it that when people think they're buying the seed of a "fancy" variety they may not be getting what they were told they were getting?

I've noticed that a few people who have bought seed from Mr. Ko in Taiwan seem to have ended up with interesting seedlings (though of course not exactly like the parent plant). Are some of the growers more advanced at selectively breeding seed strains than others are?

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