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Front yard tree?? Possibly a Yoshino cherry

13 years ago


I have been searching around to find a nice focal point to my front yard. I would like it to be a very nice tree. I originally wanted a bradford pear or a cleveland pear but then read up about them and decided against them. I think i would like a yoshino cherry but want some suggestions first.

I want a tree that is going to be around 25-35 feet tall and about 20 to 25 feet wide. I want it to flower in the spring and to have awsome colors in the fall. I want a nice round tree as well. I am gonna add some pictures of my home so you can see what i am working with. Its not a big front yard but i want a nice sice tree there. thanks for your help everyone. and please if you dont like my selection of tree please offer something else that fits that criteria please. Thanks

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