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17 years ago

I just updated my trade page yesterday; let's trade! I'm open to most anything, but right NOW, I'm focussing on getting the staples in my garden for next season:
Wave Petunias- ANY of the regular waves, Easy Waves, or Tidal Waves.

Marigolds- the bigger, and poofier the better!

Echinacea (coneflower) varieties- any of the 'not-so-common' ones. I have plenty of the standard Purpurea, but looking for the Whites, yellows, oranges, dwarfs, brights, poofies, etc.

Dianthus, carnations, daisy-like flowers, chrysanthemums. I'm pretty flexible here; looking for 'single colors' to make big impacts in little spaces. (Ie: I don't mind if you have several colors of say, carnations, but I'd like to have the colors separated for planting single colors en masse).

other poofy flowers that you know of that I may not! Please show me your favorites!

Thanks for looking!

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