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Easy to Care For, Long Lasting 'Northern' Rose Recommendation

14 years ago

Hi, I was hoping to ask the good rose minds here for some recommendations on a good rose for Michigan area. I am looking for something with the following characteristics in order of importance and would like to hear what people think would be some good choices.

Please note all requests below are "relatively" speaking i.e. relatively disease free, and relatively easy to care for, etc - realizing they are roses after all.

My top 4 things are

1. Obviously must survive zone 5

2. "Relatively" easy to care for - i.e. avoids black spots "most of the time", does not require daily hand holding

3. As long of a blooming season as possible - either continuous or in waves.

4. Bigger blooms always better

So that would be a "wish" list: hardy, not super high maintenance relative to the average rose with good disease resistance, and as much blooming as possible with larger flowers if at all possible.

I am completely ambivalent to color, I just want blooms in whatever shade for extended periods of time. Not looking for a climber as this is an open area so hybrid tea, grandiflora, floribunda, etc

Fragrance is a major bonus but if there are some great roses that fulfill the above 4 items, but lacks fragrance I can live with it, in return for color and blooms.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and ideas.

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