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When do I give up?

12 years ago

Two mini roses of "Sleeping Beauty" I kept in my unheated shed for the winter with snow covering them are still not awake!

They are in 14 inch wooden barrels that you can buy at Lowes. They came out of the shed looking great (almost looked like they never went to sleep) but dropped the old leaves now and are just sitting there. I've kept them watered and tried using some Espoma Gardentone on them. No go. They are on the south side of my house and get all morning sun and some afternoon too right now.

Am I just too impatient? I do see tiny (and I mean tiny) red nubs on the canes but that's all they've done. No leaves nothin'.

The canes look nice and green and I did prune and looked at the canes and they do look white but I don't know what I can do to at least get them starting to go?

Is there anything I can do or give them to pop them out of their slumber? lol

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