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Austin roses/ new garden/ living mulch

10 years ago

Hi Forum! I've been reading about roses for weeks now on this forum, and I'm finally getting started on my flower bed. I'm a brand new gardener (though I used to help/watch my grandmother). I don't have much space in my front bed (about 6' x 4.5') and my house is raised up by about 4 feet. I went with Abe Darby and Heritage and am planning on keeping them pruned into good behavior. Does anyone have tips for planting a good living mulch with them? There isn't much info out there, and I was wondering if anyone does this that can give me pointers (types, planting and maintenance tips). Also if anyone from the deep south has tips for me, that would help too! Going in the bed with the roses: pentas, false heather, million bells, ornamental allium, white periwinkle, sweet basil, parsley. How am I going to fit the living mulch/ground cover in with everything? Too much? Yikes!

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